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Growing Leaders

Growing Leaders

The Associated Student Body strives to build leadership shills and teamwork and have fun while doing it. From dances to rallies, playing music at lunch to hosinting contests - our 40-plus members work together to organize various school-wide events with the goal of creating a fun and enjoyable environment for all students.
School spirit doesn’t just stop within the walls of Sierra Unified, though. We have a strong community of family, friends and neighbors that are beside us every step of the way, helping us enrich our school experience through fundraisers and banquets, Friday night football games and back-to-school nights. We are so thankful for your continued support!

Calendar of EventsStudent Activities



  • To build character and leadership skills
  • To develop student awareness of their own leadership potential
  • To develop leadership skills that enable students to lead responsibily in all aspects of their lives
  • To provide student opportunities to learn and practice essential leadership skills within their community
Positive Development

Positive Development

  • Habits of self-regulation
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Personal growth outside of the classroom
  • Identify individual strengths and passions for a healthy self-image
  • Build strong character based on integrity and core values
  • Career and college readiness
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Adaptability and perseverance through challenges
  • Teamwork in a diverse setting
  • Handle criticism and feedback for personal improvement
  • Become a model of healthy leadership by increasing self-awareness
  • Turn their ideas into actions that inspire school spirit
  • Turn their ideas into actions that inspire school spirit and student development
  • Access community needs and wants
Student Vision

Student Vision

  • The ASB student vision is to create a more spirited environment and let kids know they can step out of their comfort zone.
  • To be willing to work as a team, to listen and be considerate of other people’s ideas.
  • To be role models on and off campus.
  • To be an inspiration to the other students and staff.
  • To uplift and unify the campus.
Advisor Vision

Advisor Vision

  • The primary purpose of the Sierra High Associated Student Body is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive student government and leadership of the student body.
  • To develop self-aware and confident individuals who together as a team come forth and build a diversified membership of leaders.
  • To encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, developing acceptance of others through team building and community service.
  • To inspire positive habitudes concerning time management, budgeting, adaptability, communication and organizational skills.
Junior High ASB Leaders

Junior High ASB Leaders

junior high asb leaders
Kaidence Begaye
Luke Jones
Vice President
Rylee Osterberg
Zachary Lloyd
Betty Burley
Activities Coordinator
Raul Alvarez
Yearbook Coordinator
Do you want to form a club?

Do you want to form a club?

Clubs are a great way for students to participate in activities they enjoy, can learn new skills, and meet new people. Students are able to help raise awareness about a cause they care about, gain leadership experience, and pursue hobbies and subjects of interest.
If you are interested in starting a new club, please review the provided ASB Club Handbook and ASB Club Application information.

Club Forms

Student Wellness Resources

Student Wellness Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Call 1-800-273-8255 or Visit Their Website
NAMI on Campus
Teen Line – Call 1-800-TLC-TEEN (852-8336), text TEEN to 839863 or Visit Their Website
Fresno County Behavioral Health Warm Line – Call 559-600-WARM (9276)
All 4 Youth – Call 559-443-4800 or Visit Their Website